10 Must-Try DIY Mud Face Masks For Skin Detox

10 Must-Try DIY Mud Face Masks For Skin Detox

Here are 10 DIY mud masks that will have your skin glowing and detoxed in no time!

1) Yogurt Mud Mask

Combine Greek yogurt and water together with clay. Great for healing and anti-aging properties.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar Mud Mask

Apple cider has great benefits for restoring the PH of skin. Combine apple cider vinegar and water and apply for results.

3) Honey Mud Mask

Moisturize dry skin with this delicious mask. Loaded with antioxidant properties mix honey, water, clay, and apply.

4) Lemon Juice Mud Mask

This is the perfect mask to balance oily skin production by mixing lemon juice with water and clay.

5) Charcoal Mud Mask

Get rid of unwanted blackheads and dullness with this mask. Combine activated charcoal with warm water and clay. Apply.

6) Fruit and Vegetables Mud Mask

Add your favorite puree fruits such as strawberries, cucumbers, avocado, coconut, etc. to water and clay.

7) Aloe Vera Mad Musk

Let your skin drink up the nutrients and moisture with aloe vera juice, clay, and warm water. Mix and apply.

8) Whole Milk Mud Mask

Gently exfoliate and reduce excess oil with clay and whole milk.

9) Green Tea Mud Mask

Antioxidants are abound by combing this air of green tea and clay.

10) Essential Oils Mud Mask

Relax and revive through the exciting combination of essential oils, warm water, and clay.

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