4 Most Expensive Perfumes

4 Most Expensive Perfumes

Every woman can appreciate a nice bottle of perfume, it’s a go-to gift for almost every occasion. You’re one of those type that has every famous brand to choose from, right? However, if you have the money, there are some really expensive perfumes with a one-of-kind fragrance. Would you pay a million dollars for a bottle of perfume, if you had the money?

4 Most Expensive Perfumes

Channel Grand Extrait

If you’re a fan of Chanel No. 5, you’ll probably be a daily user of Chanel Extrait, but only at $4,200 dollars an ounce. Most of us will be saving for the next 2 years for a mere sample of this fragrance. The also promise that this is a one of a kind fragrance that cannot be duplicated.

Imperial Majesty Perfume

Clive Christian Nom 1 is packed with plenty of extraordinary ingredients like ylang-ylang, orris roots, rose oil, and more. However, you’ll pay $12,700 dollars an ounce.

DKNY Golden Delicious

This is the most expensive bottle of perfume in the world valued at $1 million dollars. The bottle was deigned by famous jeweler, Martin Katz and contains precious stones including yellow canary diamonds. The proceeds went to the National Children Hunger Society to fight world hunger.

Jar Bolt Of Lighting

This beautiful hand-cut bottle is crafted by famous jeweler, Francis Camail. If you can afford the price tag, it will cost you $750 dollars an ounce.


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