7 Beauty recipes of potato juice

7 Beauty recipes of potato juice

The humble potato is much more than just food, it can also be used as a beauty care product. Potato’s are filled with nutrients like potassium, copper, Sulphur and high in vitamins B and C. It has several benefits that brighten and tone your skin, help with sunburns, reduce dark circles and is even proven to reduce wrinkles for men and women alike. This article will give you some DIY recipes to use potatoes and potato juice extract.

1. Anti-Aging face mask

Remove the signs of aging and moisturize the skin with the face mask solution, also effective against dark circles and crow’s feet:

Mix potato juice and curd in equal portions then add a spoon of olive oil

2. Moisturizing Hair Rinse/ Shine

Massage this solution into the scalp and comb through, then rinse completely

Mix 3 tbsp potato juice and 2 tbsp. of aloe Vera gel and 1 tbsp of honey

3. Pore Cleanser

Make your own herbal cleanser by combining 5 spoons of potato juice with a single spoon of baking soda and a cup of water

4. Acne relief

To clear the skin and reduce inflammation simply apply potato juice directly to your face using a Q-tip or rag

5. Improve skin texture

Mix potato juice, lemon juice and fullers earth

6. Natural skin lightening

Mix potato juice and lemon juice together in equal parts to achieve a skin lightening effect

7. Sunburn relief

Relief your sunburn by applying cold potato juice to the area of the sunburn

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