9 Immediate benefits of ice on face

Ice can make you appear younger

In society today people are always looking for home remedies and natural ways to heal themselves. Our faces are very important to us, it’s a first impression when you meet new people. Our apperence means the most to us now days. Ice is a good natural way to heal and help our face. Ice can smooth your skin on your face if you just place some ice in a bag and gently massage your face with it. If you have acne you can apply ice for a few minutes and you will see good results. Ice will improve blood circulation if applied to face and tighten to reduce wrinkles. You can shrink your pores if you consistently apply ice and even remove bags from your under eyes. For women who wear make up and are looking for a primer they can use ice. This will shrink your pores and leave a smooth look. Ice reduces swelling and all around spots. Ice does not only have to be used on your face. If you apply it enough to your body it can turn white fat cells brown and you will be able to burn this fat easier. You Never want to put ice directly on your skin and never leave ice for more then an hour. You can also double the benefits of ice on face by adding cucumber, green tea or garlic.


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