Comfortable Wedding Shoes Have Never Looked Chicer

Comfortable Wedding Shoes Have Never Looked Chicer

At one-time wedding shoes for the bride were mainly high heels. They were very pretty but very uncomfortable. All of that is changing. There are now chic shoes for the bride to wear that are comfortable. She can be in these pretty shoes all day without being in pain.

Low shoes

Low shoes are becoming very popular. The highest heel that most wedding shoes have are 2 inches. Many brides are looking for a flat to wear. They still have the sparkle and design of traditional looking wedding shoes. The lower heels are much easier on the feet.

Open Toe

It is now acceptable to wear an open toe show. This will allow the feet to breathe and a bride can show off her nice manicure. The open toe shoes look great with any wedding gown.

Memory Foam

More wedding shoes are being made with memory foam on the inside. This memory foam cannot be seen on the outside of the shown so they can still come in chic styles. The memory foam will be easy on the bride as she spends the long day on her feet.
Wedding shows are just as chic as ever and now they are being made with comfort in mind. The heels are lower and the shoes are designed to keep the feet comfortable.